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Thank you for visiting this website. The mission here is to provide an outlet for video production and writing efforts using digital technology to preserve and to collaborate with others interested in the topics presented. It is my hope that you will find something of value to you as you look through this portfolio. I wish you the very best in your learning and professional pursuits. Michael Baltimore

Dr. Michael Baltimore developed visual projects that include: podcasts, streaming television, individual portfolios and broadcast production science and education television-ready productions. Columbus Media Group is now poised to provide a broadcast-ready production for you. Our crew and staff stand ready to create your ideas in podcasts, short films, documentaries, teaching & learning projects, including streaming to a world wide audience. Contact us by calling 706 464-1777 directly or emailing:

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Got Therapy? Podcast - Dr. Dan Rose

Got Therapy? Issues in Mental Health with Dr. Dan Rose. In the next generation of the Got Therapy? Podcast, Dr. Dan Rose describes the process of trauma and the euthymic window in working with one's depression and anxiety.

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Talk! with Mike and Tom

Synergy between the retired professors pontificating on various topics and using a new format of "grill the expert" for indepth interviews on a single discipline. Dynamic conversation for dramatic times.

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Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media growth strategies and surrounded by the best people. Visualizing quality intellectual creativity. Superior collaboration and idea-sharing. Delivering a product for you that grow your ideas and reach a larger market with lasting products.

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We have the capability of taking your creative ideas and making a world-class podcast in our podcasting studios at Columbus Podcasting and have years of experience in directing and producing short film, documentaries and events using cutting-edge technologies at a lower cost. Join us for your podcast or next event. Columbus Media Group.