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The mission here is to provide an outlet for video production and writing efforts using digital technology to preserve and to collaborate with others interested in the topics presented. It is my hope that you will find something of value to you as you look through this portfolio. I wish you the very best in your academic and professional pursuits. Michael Baltimore

About Dr. Michael Baltimore

Dr. Michael Baltimore is a tenured professor at Columbus State University, Columbus Georgia. He has taught for 21 years at Columbus State University's Masters program in professional counseling. He now coordinates the clinical mental health counseling program, a 60 semester hour program leading to a license as a professional in the field of mental health and psychotherapy. Dr. Baltimore also has established a practice for clinical supervision in his private practice office located on University Ave., Columbus, GA.nue.

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Using the latest video techniques and smart equipment, this site represents the work of Dr. Michael Baltimore and others and is free for viewing.

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