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This clip is a small excerpt from the Atlanta video production workshop showing the final product after a shoot that was begun in the late morning and finished early afternoon. B roll footage was completed first on the premiere timeline. Then, the underlying on-camera interview was pieced together and finally the audio was enhanced from the video interview and the underlying music bed.




This clip and the following six clips show examples for being on camera. Each of the seven series video training can help talent as they present their ideas on camera.




It is important for those being on camera to realize various aspects of their stance, clothing, eye-movement, speech, gestures and all movement and speech affects the quality of the final product. Listen closely as well as view the guidelines for being on camera.




Another production from the video broadcast and videography lab.























This is an ongoing project and will take some time to build the site to add videos and of course to produce and upload writing projects. You're invited to participate on this site and feel free to contact us through email or personal contact so that we may be of help in your production needs. It is my hope that you will enjoy the productions in a way that improves your day, however little that may be. Michael Baltimore

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