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Contact Dr. Michael Baltimore in order to enable chat or direct contact through other software options. We're happy to speak with you once contact has been made. Please visit our other sites.


We are always available through email contact and welcome the conversation regarding any writing projects or video production projects that you may be interested.

Learn more about your own video event, documentary, podcast, and special project.
Can I hire Dr. Baltimore and his crew for my video project?

The video production team started in 2016 and is currently available for projects, including documentary work or special projects. Contact us for further information.

How much are the fees for a video production?

Video production fees vary on the type and depth of the project. No project is too small for contacting the video production team. As time permits, the video production team can shoot half day projects, daily, and full-length intensive production projects. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Can I get involved in any writing projects?

Collaborative writing projects are an important part of the media teams services. Contact Dr. Baltimore directly for more information about collaborative writing projects as well as research and publication projects, as well as writing for video production.

What about learning opportunities?

Get involved in learning and production projects in the new Midland Studios that focus on video production and/or writing projects and research. Our training projects often involves video tutorials and individually designed training projects for particular production techniques or software training. Contact Dr. Baltimore directly for more information about training.

Is there an opportunity to join the video production team?

The video production team is always looking for talented individuals who would like to become a crew member. We offer opportunities for those interested in developing skills were building their own portfolio of projects. Contact Dr. Baltimore for further information about these opportunities.

Dr. Baltimore latest venture in the construction of a new production studio for music and artist recording, podcasting and events. The expected date for the grand opening is scheduled later in the year.

Is this for real?

Interesting question. Yes, this is a real website with a real person doing real projects in both video production and writing projects. Dr. Baltimore has worked with web/video technology beginning 1995 and has worked extensively with video production starting in 1996. Dr. Baltimore was trained at Sony Digital Studios in San Jose, CA. He has also received training in video production from some of the leading artists and experts from movie and television productions. Dr. Baltimore has been responsibile building multiple studios and training personel for employment in media production. Generally, he strives to help others develop their skill and enjoys seeing a finished product.